Pieces @ Home - Natalie & Caleb Ebel

What makes you feel at home in your own space?

Being with my family -- husband, two kids and basset hound Winston.

What does home mean to you?

To me, home is a reflection of who I am -- my travels, my family, my personality, my style, etc. Home for me is also a place to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

Is there a particular piece in your space that is most special to you?

To be honest, I hide any nice stuff at this point in life because my 5YO and 2YO will somehow break or stain whatever it is.

In terms of designing your space, what was your approach?

I didn’t have a master plan except I knew I wanted the walls to be SUPERMOON, Backdrop’s pure white because we have so much color that comes from the outside. Our space just came together and what I love most is it keeps evolving as I do.

Biggest indulgence that brings you joy in your home?

My Adam Charlap crocodile rug.

Is there an element of color in your apartment that makes you most happy and why?

I have a bunch of color resin coasters and a few vases by Gaetano Pesce and they really do bring me so much joy. Plus, my kids can’t break them so that’s a major plus.

Era of design that most speaks to you?

I love Postmodernism because of the playfulness and it really embraces self-expression and challenges traditional design rules. I’m also drawn to surrealism as well because it’s imaginative and unconventional, but in terms of art and art history I love The Renaissance.

Designer, artist, person who most influences your home style?

There isn’t one person. I take inspiration from everywhere and everyone. I am a really big fan of the spaces Xavier Donnelly creates, he’s the Creative Director of Ash.

How do you see Pieces fitting into your space and blending with your style?

I love Pieces because the rugs seamlessly weave color into a space in such an organic way.