Pieces is a home design product line founded in 2017 by Brooklyn-based creative agency An Aesthetic Pursuit. Designed and operated by husband and wife team Jenny Kaplan and Chris Corrado along with business partner Taisha Coombs, the group uses decades of design and production experience from various industries to rethink how we approach and live with great design.

Originally born to fill the void between AAP’s clients’ desires for custom design and the availability of off-the-shelf solutions in the market, Pieces has grown to embody a fresh perspective and elicit discussion on the creative process itself. Pieces pushes boundaries by ambitiously taking risks, boldly using color, and designing thematically as with their "Court Series", a collection inspired by the aesthetics and graphics of sports culture and playing fields. The resulting product evokes a response fueling a discussion around what it is that makes design great. Creating products worthy of discussion will always be a part of the Pieces design ethos.