Pieces @ Home - Nicolette Mason & Nina Kossoff

What makes you feel at home in your own space?

Each other, our dogs, and comfort -- we are both so overstimulated in so many parts of our lives, that our home is really where we come together to center ourselves. We try to keep things calm and orderly as much as we can so we can unplug and relax.

What does home mean to you?

Not to rely too heavily on clichés but -- home is each other. I think we could probably be anywhere, but we're really glad we're here.

Is there a particular piece in your space that is most special to you?

Over the last few years we've collected a few art pieces together that we really love. We have pieces by Sepideh Ilseley (a Persian artist; Nicolette is also Persian and that connection to the artwork feels special), a painting by one of our best friends, Mira Mariah (tattoo artist who also goes by Girl Knew York) an oversized illustrative piece by Bella McGoldrick (it's a hyper-realistic still life with an oyster, humboldt fog cheese, a perfume bottle... all kinds of objects that don't really belong together and the more we look at it the more it makes us smile), a commissioned neon piece by April Rosenstock, an original Eric Stefanski... it all feels really special and really "us." We're very much new to collecting art and it's been really exciting.

In terms of designing your space, what was your approach?

We really wanted to create a space that calm and comfortable, that also reflected our personalities. There's lots of neutrals, but we also love eclectic and unconventional pieces. I feel strongly that whatever you like "goes together" -- even if it varies in different aesthetics, styles, time periods.

Biggest indulgence that brings you joy in your home?

We love bringing friends together in our space and hosting them for food, drinks, whatever! Our backyard is a big focal point in our lives and we've spent time and money making it an ideal space to host -- and we love bringing people together and cooking for them.

Is there an element of color in your apartment that makes you most happy and why?

We love all the greens throughout our space -- it helps bring elements from the outside, in, and of course our plants help with that, too!

Era of design that most speaks to you?

Idk!! can we skip this? lol. we love everything.

Designer, artist, person who most influences your home style?

We're huge fans of Eny Lee Parker Virginia Sin, and obviously, Pieces!!

How do you see Pieces fitting into your space and blending with your style?

We love the way Pieces utilizes color and shape in unexpected ways. I love how even in a space filled with lots of neutrals, the colors and patterns still feel calm. We love the jewel tones in this rug. We also have an all-neutrals Vespucci rug in one of our other rooms that is just perfection.