Pieces @ Home - Rajni Jacques

What makes you feel at home in your own space?

When the house is quiet, that's when I truly feel like I'm at home... and in my own space.

What does home mean to you?

A place where I can relax and not be 'On'. Home is where I can walk around naked!

Is there a particular piece in your space that is most special to you?

My Bedroom. It's where I rest and I love how the light floods the room in the morning. Especially in the fall.

In terms of designing your space, what was your approach?

Keep it simple. No clutter. Embrace Color.

Biggest indulgence that brings you joy in your home?

I'm still racking up those big indulgent pieces as I am still furnishing my home.

Is there an element of color in your apartment that makes you most happy and why?

I like to keep things simple and plain when it comes to furniture, so color (in accents, paintings, etc) is always needed. Red and Blue are the colors a gravitate towards.

Era of design that most speaks to you?

Whatever era looks good in my house.

Designer, artist, person who most influences your home style?

Oh man. I don't just have one. But I am inspired by Ellsworth Kelly, Donald Judd, Mabeo Furniture, Marcel Breuer, Ali Sandifer, James Baldwin (for his vibe), and a thousand more!

How do you see Pieces fitting into your space and blending with your style?

The answer is quite simple. Yes.