Pieces @ Home - Whitney Olschwanger

What makes you feel at home in your own space?

I feel most at home when my space is clean, smelling nice and has the windows open so fresh air is coming in. I’m obsessed with this scent from Lola James Harper called Music Studio on Trufo Street. I am high up in the hills so I also just love sitting on the couch and looking outside and appreciating the views.

What does home mean to you?

Home means feeling safe, protective, creative and relaxed. I love coming home after a long day of being with a client in their closet for 12+ hours and being able to sit on my porch and look at the view and just let my mind relax or go to a creative place. Home is also associated with a particular energy that I like to create. I want when people walk into my space they feel energized, refreshed and happy.

Is there a particular piece in your space that is most special to you?

I have this print that is an 18/45 that I bought from a cute store in Shoreditch years ago. The artist had just worked on Kendrick Lamar’s album at the time and I loved the owner of the store and her story. (The artist’s name is UNGA or @unga_bfc on IG) I also loved the colors in the print and felt a connection to the characters in it based on the summer of travel I had had.

In terms of designing your space, what was your approach?

I have gone through multiple phases since I’ve been here in the 4+ years I’ve lived here. I think it’s partly because I am a stylist and I’m always seeing new trends and colors and partly because my style has changed as I’ve gotten older. I first loved the mid century style and as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable in the space (it is an old Spanish style home) I have gravitated towards a more eclectic style. I love interior designers like Tatum Kendrick (Studio Hus) and Tiffany Howell (Night Palm)and how they have a way of using a perfect balance of color texture and art that really pops and makes a statement. I think the best way to describe my approach is that I find pieces I love and figure out where they’ll go and if they don’t work in my house I try to put them in my studio.

Biggest indulgence that brings you joy in your home?

Outdoor furniture has been my biggest indulgence lately. I also just bought some new shearling chairs for my living room that I’m really loving. I think my next big purchase will be dining room furniture and new drapery. I also need some amazing new pillows!

Is there an element of color in your apartment that makes you most happy and why?

I think that might be obvious once you see the pics of my house/office. As a child I was obsessed with turquoise and as an adult the color that speaks to me most is Kelly green. Fortunately for me it’s been a huge color for the last several years for Bottega Veneta so I have been able to get some really special pieces. I also love that my rug has so much green in it and it goes with the painting behind the couch by my close friend Markus Palu. I was supposed to be staging the painting in my house and as soon as it went up I told him I must have it. He knew it wasn’t ever coming down as it was just SO me!

Era of design that most speaks to you?

The 70’s! Also, I found this quote and I couldn’t connect more with it! “The seventies were all about entertaining, enjoying the company of family and friends, and homes were designed to encourage that interaction.” This is definitely something that is important to me.

Designer, artist, person who most influences your home style?

Tatum Kendrick, Tiffany Howell, my friend Sara Decou (she always puts her magical touch on my place when she comes over) and lastly, not a designer or an artist but travel inspires me so so much!

How do you see Pieces fitting into your space and blending with your style?

I know it may sound crazy but I have been manifesting the Pieces pieces to be in my home and when I got my studio for the last several years.I love that the brand is always adapting and creating new colors, shapes, and insanely cool rugs and I love the shapes of the planters and vases and the color palettes that are used. As a stylist and wardrobe consultant, I love the balance of being able to put on what makes me feel good when I wake up each morning and I feel like Pieces does an amazing job with bringing colors and patterns into the interior pieces I own and it matches back to a lot of my artwork.